For Stefan, less is often more: the knowledge of photographic and technical possilities means freedom to choose, to use them but also – where it serves the image – to consciously do without them. Stefan loves the daylight. His works often convey the impression of the natural. Even lavishly illuminated studio sets appear as recordings of existing locations and authentic light situations.

His studio, set up for food and still productions is located in Hamburg Altona: Link to GROUND STUDIO

Dr. Oetker, Netto, Welt am Sonntag, Edeka, Migros, Beef!, Lucky Strike, Arla, Rewe, Knorr, WMF, Villeroy & Boch, Neff, Penny, Anker Brot, Kaufland, Geberit, Duravit ...

Food photography, food photographer, Foodfotografie, Foodfotograf. 







+49 40 65065120

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